The bodies of Gözde Can Köroğlu

The body has been one of the major themes that artists have worked on for thousands of years. They tried to better understand the body by reproducing, deconstructing and reconstructing it in their own way. Whether it’s the Greeks who idealize the esthetical norms or the Romans who prefer above all a realist representation, artists of all time have tempted to analyze and interpret the human body by means of divers artistic practices. In this way, the bodies of Gözde Can Köroğlu present us different suggestions for these interpretations of our physical body. By deconstructing the established ideas on the body esthetics, she deliberately chooses to distort it. She presents us her own perception which differs from the reality by extending the parts of the body and even by removing them. Besides the deformations she makes on the body, Gözde Can Köroğlu, in her other works, intentionally gives us the opportunity to make interrogations on the real “reality” of the body beyond the esthetic expectations. The expressionist interpretation of this curious artist, which is as an attempt to analyze the human body, exposes her personal attitude about the questions that are discussed for hundreds of years. Or, she makes visible the other side of the idealized unreal bodies that are imprinted in our minds.

Esra Aliçavuşoğlu